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-[HKAS x A.N.G x City U EMBA]
-[HKAS x ANG August Online Breakfast Meeting] has fully completed
-[HKAS Activity Sharing]
-【HKAS x ANG Activity Bulletin】The July Forth HKAS x A.N.G. Breakfast Meeting has fully completed
-20th Anniversary & Inauguration Ceremony / Business Strategy Award


[HKAS x A.N.G x City U EMBA]
 [HKAS x A.N.G x City U EMBA]

The September ANG, in the form of HKAS x ANG  x CityU EMBA Forum, has been fully completed on 23 September. 

The forum was taking place physically in the CityU campus and the topic was “Strategic Innovation and Transformation in The Fashion Industry" . English is the language being used.

Guest speakers are the key stakeholders of the industry, covering the fields of design, manufacture and industrial development. They openly shared their experiences and insights.

As the opening, Ms Teresa Yang, Vice Chairman of Esquel Group, presented an excellent example of the concepts of sustainability, social responsibility, innovation and transformation that Esquel Group has been doing in the past couple decades.  

One impressive aspect is Esquel's project in Guilin, China, namely “Integral”. It is basing on the philosophy of Buddhist "Shi Ru (Ten Suchnesses )", which restores the land of a potholed mine to a factory that is full of greenery and integrate with nature. It proves that as long as doing it heartfully, to build a factory and to produce products are not equally meaning to go against the nature.

After the opening presentation, there came a panel discussion with several guests in addition to Ms. Yang. They are –

1. Moderator – Mr Dominic Cheng, Dominic is not only the General Manager of Yintak Intex Industries (Holdings) Limited, but also one of the Directors of Hong Kong Apparel Society

2. Guest speakers

- Mr Paul Chan, Paul is the Chief Amazement Officer of Hanin Enterprises Limited. He is also the Vice President of the Association

- Mr Dorian Ho, Dorian is a famous fashion designer. He has been involved in many projects to nurture the next generation, the latest of which is the "Unique "Deep" Tailoring 2 Fashion Design Competition".

Heartfelt thanks to the guests, they have completed the events.

Sharing some photos of the event below.

For those who have missed this event need not to jealous. Our Society hold many different activities from time to time. Please stay tuned to our social media for any update news.

Last but not the least, can’t help to share some pointers being heard in the event  –

“Managineer”- Manager + Engineer: to replace workers to increase the sense of belonging.

 “Life-long learning so you will not be left out”

 “move up value chain, create value – material reengineering”

 “Will designers be replaced. . . More designers will be needed because, thanks to Metaverse, everyone can be”

“Responsible consumption. . . responsible production”

“Shein is selling by big data, H&M is selling by wishes (to be saleable) ”



[HKAS x ANG August Online Breakfast Meeting] has fully completed
 [HKAS X A.N.G Online Breakfast Meeting]

The 2022 August-ANG Online meeting has been fully completed today August 08.

By means of Q&A Session, this time the topic of the meeting is –

Under China’s Covid Zero-tolerance Policy, what should be the directions of the global supply chain. How the Hong Kong enterprises position themselves.  -

The meeting was hosted by Ms Amy Fung and invited the below guests to share their experiences in their field -

1. Representative of Brands - Ms Wanda Lee

2. Representatives of Garment Manufacturers

- Freedom Industrial Corporation Ltd -  Ms Flora Hui

- Legend Swimwear Factory Ltd -  Ms Cecilia Chan

3. Representative of Textile Fabrics Suppliers

Tak Hing Textile Industries Company - Mr Alan Lee

There were group discussion to share the experience and points of view afterwards.

Questions for discussion are -  

1. What are the effects to your supply chain by the China’s Covid zero-tolerance policy?

2. Have your customers changed their requests to your supply chain? What direct impacts have imposed to your company.

Everyone have input in discussions and openly share their experiences.

Highly appreciated for MC Mr Roy Kwok, our host Ms Amy Fung, our guest speakers and all the participants to make the meeting completed.

The next September-ANG meeting will be a physical one on late September. It will be a joint event with CityU EMBA. HKAS Secretariat will advise the details by end August, please follow our social media and stay with our news.

Looking forward to seeing you all next time. Thank you. 


[HKAS Activity Sharing]
 [HKAS x Matters Academy Webinar]

The webinar "Tech for Good, ESG for Now and Future" programme, co-hosted by HKAS and Matters Academy + Future-Fit Foundation, has been fully completed on July 28, 2022.

 Our gratitude to Matters Academy and guest speakers to explain thoroughly the concepts, the requirements and future development of ESG. This helped the participants learning the different perceptions of ESG. Also, thanks to the participants in joining the event and enthusiastically raising questions.    

Below links are the video and the presentation powerpoint of the event.

 HKAS will stay with one of our aims as “To Share To learn” to keep looking for suitable topics to share. Please follow the news of our Society.  

 Link of the Video


Link of the Presentation Powerpoint


【HKAS x ANG Activity Bulletin】The July Forth HKAS x A.N.G. Breakfast Meeting has fully completed
 [HKAS x ANG ] The online July ANG breakfast meeting had fully completed on July 4 Monday morning.

This ANG breakfast meeting is hold monthly and invites experts and scholars, management professionals, entrepreneurs, fashion specialists and manufacturers from different fields in the industry to participate so as to provide a learning platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The major aim of this ANG meeting is to share knowledge and experiences, as well as to exchange insights. Under such interactive mode, it can create more potential channels of co-operation, new business opportunities, enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of the Hong Kong enterprises. At the same time it is also promoting the industry to contribute to the economy.

This time a brand new mode of symposium - panel discussion has been practised.

Title - Fashion Economic Forum

Theme : What are the impacts of the uncertainties of global political and economic situations on the future of apparel industry?

Our heartful gratitude to the following 6 industry leaders to share their views and answered the questions of the moderator, Mr Paul Chan.

1.     E-commerce / Brand –

Mr Dominic Cheng

Yintak Intex Co. Ltd. Xiande Industries (Group) Limited

2.     Corporate Fashion –

Ms Betty Au

Antonhill Co. Ltd / Anthoe Limited

3.     Design –

Ms Lucy Shih

@Lucy Shih

4.     Supply Chain / Factory-

Mr Banny Yu

Hanbo Enterprises Ltd.

5.     Textile –

Mr. Charles Chen

Billion Rise Knitting (H.K) Ltd

6.     Logistics –

Mr Derek Lai

The PMI Group

Looking forward to seeing you in the next ANG meeting in August..  Thank you. 

Below are the brief profiles of the panelists. 


20th Anniversary & Inauguration Ceremony / Business Strategy Award
The Hong Kong Apparel Society 20th Anniversary & Inauguration Ceremony / Business Strategy Award was originally planned to take place in January 2022 but it had to postpone due to the fifth wave of Covid-19.  

Eventually the ceremony was fully hold in the afternoon of 13 June 2022 at the Conference Hall, 4th Floor of HKPC Building.

Our gratitude to all the honorable guests, including the industrial leaders, our Society members and friends, for participating in the ceremony. Because of the large number, we are unable to list each one individually here.

Special thanks to our honorary guest Dr. Bernard Chan Pak-li, JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, rushed from the Government Headquarters to the venue right immediately after the sudden meeting. He made a speech, present credentials to our Committee members and stayed behind after the event completed sharing perspectives with the participants.

On that day, the venue was filled by old friends and new acquaintances. Before entering the auditorium, greetings amongst old friends as well as hellos between new friends were everywhere.  The programs in the ceremony had covered both serious and relaxing sessions. Nevertheless, the overall atmosphere was easy and pleasant.

Although no cuisine nor beverage could be served, in the blink of an eye, two hours was passed. Guests kept sharing with each other even after the ceremony was officially completed, lasted till the venue needed to be handed over.

One of the major rundowns of the ceremony was the Business Strategy Award Presentation. Hong Kong Apparel Society established the award to recognize the entities for their efforts of innovations and sustainable development in the industry. 

Firstly, our heartily grateful to the judge panel for all their supports. Also, congratulations to the eight award winners, they were carefully selected by passing the preliminary scan then had to go through the interview with the judge panel. All of them deserved the award.

At last, thanks to all the sponsors, supporting organizations, 20th Anniversary Working Committee and the supporters, missing any one of them, this event would not be completed.

Share some of photos on that day. More photos and video could be found via below link.