Unite the industry as a strong force
Making minds work together for common interest
Upkeep industry professionalism
Promote value enhancement
Encourage consultation and joint effort
Foster growth and development

Strengthen manpower resources :
Encourage new blood to join our industry

Information exchange :
Provide latest industry news and technology breakthroughs information

Safeguard our rights :
Communicate with the authorities to improve business environment

Quality upgrade :
Encourage industy innovation and quality enhancement through technological application

Stimulate business opportunities :
Organize activities that would stimulate industry operators to network for business collaboration

Sharing of benefits :
Arrange members to enjoy professional services at discounted fee as well as professional consultation for free

2018-2020 Executive Committee

Hon. Chairman:
Felix Chung
(Chungweiming Knitting Factory Ltd)
Chairman :
Banny Yu
(Hanbo Enterprises Ltd)
Paul Chan (Hanin Garment Manufactory Ltd)
Betty Au  (Antonhill Company Limited) 
Hon. Treasurer  : 
Cherise Mok
(Treasure Will Ltd) 
Hon. Secretaries :  
Tommy Lee
(Kei Lock Fashion trading Limited)
Directors :

Chan Fung King, Angelina  
(Grandford International Promotions Limited)

Cheng Chung Yin, Dominic 
(Yintak Intex Co.Limited)

Cheng Man Tak, Richard 
(Wing Tai Enterprises Limited)

Choi Lai Ying, Karen
(Hang Fung Garment Group Limited)

Fung Bo Yin, Amy 
(Poine International HK Limited)
Ho Shing Cho, Rex 

(Tien Sung Group Limited)  
Lee Yee Tuen, Alan  
(Tak Hing Textile Industrial Co Limited)

Tang Hin Cheong, Edmond 
(Angie International Limited)

Tsang Tin Chu, Pascal  
(Dakota Industrial Co Limited) 

(The list is in no particular order)